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Bach B Minor Mass

Armonico Consort & Baroque Players

Musical Director – Christopher Monks

A masterpiece of the baroque period, and one of Bach’s final works, the B Minor Mass brings together brilliance in melodic counterpoint and Bach’s harmonic genius. It really can lay claim to be the crowning glory of the greatest composer ever to have lived. 

Christopher Monks on J.S. Bach's 'Mass in B Minor' 
The greatest artistic and philosophical adventures of my life have always been linked with the study of, and performance of Bach’s Passions – until this moment I held them to be some of the greatest artistic achievements the world has ever seen.
The Mass in B Minor is Bach’s final great work, completed in the last few years of his life.  It was never performed as a whole in a liturgical service during his lifetime – it was Bach’s private atonement. From the mastery of the baroque styles he so greatly influenced to his own workings with the ‘stile antico’ (the polyphonic techniques we know better through the works of Palestrina) - It is perfect. As the great Bach scholar Kobayashi said - ‘the greatest musical artwork of all times and peoples’.Christopher Monks—Artistic Director