Choir Creation – FAQs

How long does the workshop last?

The programme lasts 5 weeks with an additional session at a later date. Each session is between 60-75 minutes per week (up to an hour with the children, the remainder of the time with the teacher).

What are the workshop outcomes?

After completion of the programme the school will have a choir in place with core skills that will long remain and help the children sing confidently and robustly. The training teacher will be left with the knowledge and skills required to continue leading and growing the choir. At the end of the programme the newly trained teacher will have access to ongoing support and will be able to ask for help and support from AC Academy.

Are there any special requirements needed such as a large space, equipment, piano etc.?

Main hall space, a piano and projection equipment.

Is the workshop suitable for pupils with Special Needs?

Yes, children with autism and behavioural difficulties develop especially well throughout the programme.

Does the workshop support the Arts Award scheme?