Voice Squad
Workplace Choirs

Our experienced workshop leaders could come into your offices and give you a fantastic team-building opportunity, from one-off sessions to a full programme of rehearsals leading to a concert. If you would like to explore this exciting opportunity, find out more about Voice Squad workplace choirs.

One of our first Voice Squad choirs was set up for our AC Academy sponsor, Phillips 66. The 34 brave employees had their debut performance at the Royal Albert Hall in June 2016, and their second performance at Warwick Castle’s popular ‘Carols at the Castle’ at Christmas!

Read what they said about their experience at the Royal Albert Hall:

“Not ones for doing things by halves, we jumped at the opportunity to form our own choir of Phillips 66 employees, two thirds of whom have never sung in a choir before – unless school choirs count! Ranging in age from 21 to 60 (publicity age is 25, darling!), our choir members come from different levels and departments in our Warwick head office.

Although it’s been hard to squeeze in rehearsal time during the working day, we have been practising altogether every Wednesday for the past three months, and others have taken to singing while walking or jogging at lunchtimes or in our workplace gym – combining keep fit with vocal practice!

In fact, we’ve all enjoyed it so much that we’re hoping to continue our choir long after the curtain falls on tonight’s performance!”

Find out more about Voice Squad workplace choirs