Another fun session at AC Academy today

In the choir rehearsal today Gaynor let me lead the warm up before the session. First I decided to loosen the students up by a fun exercise called Up, Down, Stop, GO! which got them moving around the class. I followed this by some comical yet effective vocal exercises the students approached with full confidence and enthusiasm, although being amused by them. The session seemed daunting to the young singers today – they were informed that they would have to rehearse every song for the Carmina Burana performance, which calls for hard work. This task was executed well and the students put in their best efforts, impressively managing to get through every song accurately with passion. Every week there is a short break where Gaynor, Laura and I hold the AC Academy’s Got Talent contest, which is always received well with every student paying full attention and giving their fellow classmates their support.

Alex, February 2017