Release date: Summer 2020
Label & Number: Signum SIGCD632
Total time: 61.35 mins


Armonico Consort 

AC Academy Warwick and AC Academy Scholars

Toby Young | Keyboards

Christopher Monks | Musical Director

Timothy West | Narrator

Elin Manahan Thomas | Soloist

Anne Denholm | Harp

William Towers | Script

Jennifer Thorp | Libretto

Beowulf is one of the world’s greatest mythical tales. Discover a legendary time of heroes and warriors as Prince Beowulf battles demons and magical beasts, narrated by Special Guest Timothy West, stars of TV, Film and the West End. Alongside a gripping script from one of the authors of Have I Got News For You, this touching epic saga has been set to music by Armonico Consort’s composer-in-residence, Toby Young (former BBC Proms Young Composer of the Year).

Toby Young has a huge talent for captivating melodies and rhythms, put to excellent use in this wonderful re-telling of the ancient Beowulf story, complete with compelling narrative

4 stars, BBC Music magazine

a colourful modern realisation aimed especially at young audiences … a prominent role for narrator [is] brilliantly realised on this recording by actor Timothy West … the excellent Armonico Consort’s rich and delicately balanced sonorities shine through



1. Prologue
2. Celebration
3. ‘Hwaet! Listen’
4. Great Hall
5. Refrain
6. Interlude: The Fight
7. Grendel’s Bad Deeds
8. Sweet Song
9. Unferth’s Row
10. Refrain
11. Grendel-Beowulf Battle
12. When I Was King
13. Interlude: Triumph
14. Rousing Song
15. Refrain
16. Presentation of Hrunting
17. Grendel’s Mother
18. Rise Up
19. Hrothgar’s Sermon
20. Interlude: Searching
21. Chorus of Soldiers
22. Refrain
23. My Lord has Gone
24. Final Chorus