Legacies / In Memoriam

A gift left to Armonico Consort in a Will represents the most meaningful, and often the most substantial, donation a supporter will ever make to us. Your legacy could assist us to plan effectively for future projects and services, as well as expand our core work, thus reaching and inspiring new generations for years to come. You can also specify whether you would like to invest your gift in our educational or performance work, dependent upon your personal interests.

If you are considering leaving us a gift in your Will, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice. We also run regular Free Will events, during which you can benefit from free legal advice from Armonico Consort’s partner solicitor. Please contact the Head of Development for more information.

Donating to Armonico Consort in memory of a loved one lost is a beautiful way of commemorating and celebrating the life of someone unique and much loved, as well as making a positive difference within the community. For more information on how to do this, please contact our fundraising staff.