King’s Singer Edward Button on lockdown life

We’ve been talking to some of our amazing freelance singers and instrumentalists on what life has been like in the year since performing in front of audiences came to an abrupt halt.

In the second interview of our short series, we chat to King’s Singer Edward Button who has been involved in several of Armonico Consort’s new streamed concerts On Demand featuring some of our favourite early music repertoire, from Byrd to Bach.

Have you had much, if any, professional paid work since the start of the pandemic?

As a member of the King’s Singers we usually perform over 100 concerts a year. Since touring has been impossible, we have only sung 4 concerts in the last year so our work has been drastically reduced.

Watch the Victoria Requiem trailer

How has it impacted the way you practise?

It has been very difficult getting together for rehearsals in person. Online rehearsals are not really possible with the current conference call technology.

How have you felt about singing during this time?

I have missed singing together greatly not only for the music making but also for the companionship of colleagues, friends and fellow professionals.

It was good to get up and feel a sense of purpose doing what I am meant to do: perform live!

Have you been busy doing other things?

Yes! The pandemic has not reduced our workload but increased it as we have had to adapt what we do to suit social distancing and the inability to travel.

Edward Button leads AC Academy Scholars in a physical warm up before rehearsals for their latest project, Toby Young’s My Letter to the World

What you have enjoyed about being involved in these filmed concerts? Were there any particular challenges?

It was such a pleasure singing wonderful programmes in person after such a long absence of singing together live. The opportunity to get together and meet others was a real treat. It was good to get up and feel a sense of purpose doing what I am meant to do: perform live!

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I’d like to thank Armonico for supporting musicians by doing what they are allowed to provide work at this time, and provide content for audiences.

You can hear Edward in the Victoria Requiem and Naked Byrd programmes I & II.  For details of all Armonico Consort’s streamed concerts visit