What a difference an hour can make

Donate just one hour of your salary/retirement allowance and make a deep and meaningful difference to the lives of young people with special educational needs from schools in the West Midlands.

Your donation will provide opportunities for young people to take part in our fun and imaginative composition workshops where they will learn how to script and compose a song as well as perform their music on a professional stage. The benefits of this programme will be wide-ranging, including helping young people with their creative writing skills, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. 2024-25 themes will be around the African singing culture as well as celebrating community, diversity and individuality.

Help us in our appeal by generously donating an hour of your hard-earned salary - from £11.44 if you are on minimum wage or more if you are a higher earner. Transform the fruits of your labour into the power of music!

Provide a unique opportunity for a young person with special educational needs:

  • £11.44 buys a small African drum
  • £25 pays for costume hire for a young performer
  • £58 pays for an hour’s time of a workshop leader
  • £120 enables 30 young people to undertake an Arts Award qualification