AC Academy Leader Training Day

With a fuzzy head, we began the year by bringing all of our professional AC Academy choir leaders together from across the UK for a training day. We were very grateful to the staff and pupils of Thomas Jolyffe School in Stratford-upon-Avon who not only donated rooms and refreshments, but also their choir and a couple of teachers who selflessly became ‘guinea pigs’ for the day!

Whilst all of our leaders are incredibly skilled and inspired in their work, it is vital for us that they all approach from the same core basis when delivering the unique ‘Choir Creation’ and teacher training package, to ensure consistency of quality. It was also an opportunity for the leaders to share new ideas, as we at Armonico Consort have always maintained that however skilled a musician you are, you can never stop learning and improving.

With an increasing number of workshops in the UK, and a second year of training partnership with the Music Faculty of the University of Cambridge about to begin, it was a day of great value and benefit, which will stand the charity in good stead for the challenging year ahead.

Christopher Monks

Artistic Director