The Singing Nation: Kenya Diary (Part 3)

The final part of their Kenya Diary from March sees Christopher Monks and Toby Young lead a workshop at a Maasai school, join the incredible Juakali Drummers, and visit a haven for girls caught up in drugs and prostitution.  Along the way, they attempt to the learn the drums and are made honorary Maasai warriors

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The Singing Nation: Kenya Diary (Part 2)

In the second of a three-part diary of their Choir Creation visit to Kenya, Christopher Monks and Toby Young experience two very contrasting situations – the first a centre for young boys rescued from the street, many of whom were orphans. The second, a school set in the middle of nowhere, almost tribal, and their first experience of the Kenyan Maasai heritage.  

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The Singing Nation: Kenya Diary (Part 1)

In Kenya, singing and culture is at the heart of the education system but there is little support and training.  In an action-packed visit in March, Artistic Director, Christopher Monks, and Composer in Residence, Toby Young, piloted a choir creation programme, learned songs and music, became honorary Maasai warriors and made an emergency evacuation before coronavirus lockdown. 

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