Come & Sing with John Rutter, a day to remember

Well…what a wonderful day that was!

There was absolutely nothing I could criticise about it… we sang a very good mix of material both old and modern, in the Collegiate Church, which was rather bigger and more cavernous than I was expecting, and the Great Man himself has obviously done lots of these events before, because it all went ‘on wheels’ without a hitch. (I got some much-needed sight-reading practice….)

He linked his pieces  with suitable anecdotes and jokes, no doubt often repeated in the past, but new to us!  It must have been very exhausting for him.  The pianist was also brilliant and at one point treated us to a short piece adapted from Widor’s ‘Toccata & Fugue’ – a mighty sound.  The administrators, I felt, made an excellent job of the organisation,  logistically so difficult with those numbers, and I did speak briefly with the Consort Manager, Hazel.

It was the first time I had ever been in a church where the whole ‘congregation’ consisted entirely of singers, and the sound made was very moving.  A day to remember, indeed.

Sabine (audience member)