Oz & Armonico’s Great Bike Adventure

We’re thrilled that wine specialist, writer and TV presenter Oz Clarke has agreed to lead eleven cyclists on a 200-mile, four-day sponsored bike ride (6-9 September 2019) to help us raise over £10,000 to set up more children’s choirs across the UK.

To support the campaign please visit our Just Giving page.

The epic adventure links our two most extreme AC Academy choirs in Coventry and Bournemouth.   Oz, our Artistic Director, Christopher Monks and singers, Eloise Irving, William Towers and  Laura Moretto perform excerpts from the hugely successful ‘Oz and Armonico Drink to Music‘ series at venues along the route.

Several members of the President’s Circle, led by Roger Medwell MBE DL are also participating in a bid to raise over £10,000 to support the charity’s work in creating school choirs and training teachers as choir leaders across the UK.

We’re already on course to deliver 300 new choirs by 2020 and now plan to create another 300 choirs and choir leaders beyond that, benefiting 100,000s of children long into the future.

Singing is proven to have the power to build confidence and self esteem in people of all ages, breaking down barriers, building friendships and improving academic results in all areas. Additionally, it has an incredible effect on mental health and well-being.

If you can, please help us smash our £10,000 target via our Just Giving page.

We are especially grateful to Phillips 66 and JETBluDog and Corratec Electric Bikes. Special thanks also to Mr Roger Medwell MBE, DL and Mr Baljit Shergill for generously supporting this event.

Our news page has more information on the Adventure and we’ll be keeping tabs on their progress on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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